A Design Consultancy.

Agile. True. Distinct. Individual.

ACUMENIUM [a.kyu.’men.i.um] n. fr. Latin, ‘acumen’ meaning innate keenness of perception.

Acumenium is keenly tasked to purpose. Focused on discovering the core of your business challenge, solutions are inspired by what is most true and alive in your brand story. Through research, exploration, and refinement, this focus reveals a clarity in your brand essence and a path to authentic, effective communications.

We thrive on challenges and believe each challenge to be inherently mutual, fostering a connection between ourselves and our clients through collaborative exploration. This approach launches an engaging journey where ideas become experiences that un-clutter the landscape and illuminate clear objectives.

Acumenium is human, digital, bi-coastal, global. A broad network of professionals brings access to strategy, user experience, content, imagery, as the challenge directs. All subscribe to the same ethic — to effectively communicate your message is our primary focus.

When final solutions are delivered, they arrive accurate and distinct, ready to engage your audience. They arrive with unusual desirability and striking craftsmanship. They arrive decidedly robust, smartly agile, beyond trends.